CUNY Jobs Task Force Report

CUNY has recently published its report “Jobs for New York’s Future”. In it is outlined details about industry and job trends within 5 core areas the Chancellor sees as important for CUNY and NYC: Finance/Insurance, Media, Healthcare, Higher Education, and Information Technology.

I think this is an essential read. Based on employer interviews, it informs on areas that students entering the workforce need to strengthen, particularly “T-shaped” skills (the ability to have both strong technical as well as apply knowledge from fields outside their discipline), communication, and global competency. There are also suggestions on how CUNY can strengthen its role within these sectors, particularly industry partnerships, inclusion of project manage skills in curricula, and career counseling.

I found the piece to be informative in terms of providing an insight into NYC industry sector trends. I also believe that this document will inform CUNY leadership and may be used as a basis to back up reasoning for its policies. This report is mentioned in the CUNY Master Plan  2012-2012.


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